We accept any ultrasound referrals from other providers. Contact us today to find out more.

3D/4D Ultrasound & Gender Reveal Scans - no referral necessary.

We are excited to offer 3D/4D imaging of your unborn baby on the NW Coast – all of which will be viewed both on a large TV at the time, and instantly on your phone afterwards. ‘4D’ is a 3D image in real-time (as a video) – so it is very possible to watch your baby moving around in real time with world-class 3D imaging. We can also show you the gender of your baby from 17 weeks gestational age.

These scans are best performed at 26-32 weeks of your pregnancy, however if you fall outside this – give us a call to discuss. We require you to drink lots of water on the day of your scan (just to be hydrated – we don’t need a full bladder), and for you to have undergone a standard 20-week morphology ultrasound.

Please also remember that babies in the womb don’t always cooperate – however we will try our best on the day to get that amazing view of baby’s face. These are a ‘just for fun’ scan and offer no diagnostic ability, and therefore don’t require a referral from your doctor.

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